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Thanks for your interest in me and my work!

The about me page always stumps me… here are 10 fun facts for you mixed with some useful facts:

  1. I love both cats and dogs, I know they say you have to be a cat or a dog person, but I really just can’t pick! They are both so darn cute!
  2. I have been photographing professionally for almost 15 years now.
  3. I am a major Star Trekkie. I love them all! (Well I am a little lost on this new one, it doesn’t feel very much like Star Trek to me.)
  4. I shoot Nikon and I don’t think that matters one bit when it comes to the quality of your images.
  5. I survived my daughter’s toddler-hood and have nothing but compassion for toddlers and their parents. It is a wonderful and often times tiring stage of development.
  6. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. While I used to dream of moving to sunnier places, I have concluded that the northwest is my home and I love it here, as long as it doesn’t rain for 30 days straight again, that was wayyyy too much rain and grey!
  7. I also run Infinitely Possible Images where I do personal branding photography and headshots.
  8. My favorite color is teal.
  9. I have two dogs who are part cat.
  10. I love photography! (Big surprise right?!)

So, there you go, pretty exciting right? If you have any questions for me feel free to contact me. I would love to learn random facts about you too, and also take your picture!

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