family portriats in seattle

Capture the Moments of Connection

The smile of your littlest one as you tickle their belly.

The way your child’s eyes light up just blowing bubbles by your side.

Your child showing off their dancing skills.

All these beautiful moments go by so quickly.

While I cannot stop time, I can capture these moments for you and your family.

Your photographs will become a keepsake in your family for generations to come.

Photographs are a window back to a moment in time.

They let us revisit those moments and treasure them.

Give yourself and your family this gift.

Lifestyle Family Photography

Capturing the true connection between your family members brings another level to portraiture.

It isn’t just a physical representation of your family, but also a representation of your connection and love.

Lifestyle family photography tells the story of your family in a way a simple portrait cannot.


What I Do

I work with you and your family in your environment to capture the moments that you will cherish.

If there is a place that means a lot to you we will go there to take photographs. Do you love to go on nature walks? Does your child have a favorite Seattle area park?

Don’t worry if you love to have that family always find a way to work in a “group photo” although it may not be in a traditional style. There are so many fun ways to take a family photos. Don’t limit yourself to a stuffy studio portrait.

How It Works

Hopefully you have decided you want me to take your portraits.

When you are ready to start booking your session you can click on the Contact Me button.


If you would rather have a quick phone chat you can CLICK HERE, and we can chat about any questions you have. 

Once you have chosen a date, time, and location I will send over the digital paperwork and invoice for your sitting fee.

Make sure to check out the information and pricing for my different kinds of photography sessions.

Family Portrait Sessions

Senior Portrait Sessions

Day of Your Session

I will arrive to your chosen location and time. Most of my sessions are 60 minutes. I am understanding of meltdowns and bathroom breaks. I too am the mother of a small child.

After your session we will schedule a viewing session for you to see your images online.

After Your Session

During your viewing session we will watch a slideshow of all of your images together and then I will go over how you can go through your gallery and make your selections and purchase online. The video call will be 15-20 minutes. You will then have 24 hours to make your selections and purchase what you love from your gallery, or your whole gallery if you wish.

I limit the window for purchase so that you can quickly get what you love and not add another thing to your to do list. Also, it makes it so much easier for you when I can answer any questions you have right then and there.



If you have any questions feel free to schedule a call with me. If you are more of an email person you can shoot me an email at: