How a New Headshot Can Help You Get You Hired

The most important thing your headshot can do for you is make you look like a professional. I know, I know, it depends on what profession you are in. While that is true, there are many ways to look professional.

A professional shot may look different for a wedding DJ, than it does for a CEO or a therapist. A wedding DJ may wish to showcase their shining personality with a big smile or even a picture of them laughing. A CEO may want a more formal image with a pose that reflects strength and confidence. While a therapist may opt for a photo that shows them as approachable and friendly.

A professional headshot can:

  1. Show your potential employer that you are a professional who values how you present yourself. A professional photo speaks volumes about what you are looking to project. Even if you are in a field that isn’t considered “formal” or “professional” a professional photos shows that you take yourself and your work or business seriously.
  2. Convey parts of your personality and character. They say an image is worth a thousand words and it is so true. How you hold yourself, what you wear, how you smile, or don’t, all give your potential employer hints about how you see yourself and wish to be see by others.
  3. Show your employer what you currently look like. So many times I have logged into LinkedIn to see dated and clearly old photos of professionals on their page. They are usually good photos and I think that is why people continue to use them. They like how they look in the photos so they keep it up. However, if your photo is more than three years old, it most likely does not represent what you look like today. Has your hairstyle or facial hair changed? Has your wardrobe changed? Have you lost or gained weight? Make sure your photo reflects your current appearance. When you show up for the in person meeting you do not want your future employer to be confused as to who you are.
  4. Make you more memorable. A headshot is a great thing to add to your business card so people can connect your face with your name. That way there are two points of reference and hopefully they will recognize you and mentions of you in the future as well.
  5. Be useful across all social media. You can use your headshot in so many ways. On your business card, LinkedIn Profile, Business website, Facebook Business Page and anywhere else you need a quality profile image.

Headshot or profile photos are they way people connect to you as a person and not just a resume or words on a screen. Make sure yours reflects you, your business and your personality.

I always make sure to speak to my clients about their business and get to know more about their personality so that I am able to suggest poses, lighting and locations that reflect the sort of image they are looking to project. If you would like to talk to me about your idea for your professional headshot in more detail please give me a call at: 206-359-5300 or send me an email through the contact page.

Outdoor headshots are a great way to seem more approachable.

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