Full Session verses Mini Session

 What is the difference between a mini session and a full session?

Well there are many differences. Some of them may be more important to you than others so it is a good idea to define them so that you can more easily make your choice. Also, each mini session is different, so it is important to read through what is being offered before deciding.

Main Difference

Contrary to popular belief, the main difference between a mini session and a full session is not price, but rather the number of images created for you and your ability to pick and choose your images.

With a full session we will have a full hour and so you will receive a full gallery of 60 images or more the choose from you can purchase what you love.

In a mini session the amount of time we will spend together is much less and so the number of images to choose from will most likely be less as well. This works well if you are just looking for a family photo for your holiday card, or something cute to give to the grandparents.

However, if you are looking to really capture your family interacting and having fun, a full session is definitely recommended. With a full session we will have time to do all the things. If your children are a little slow to warm up, we will have time to coax them out and let their personality shine. If you need time for snack breaks, nursing, diaper changes, we have all of that for full sessions.

Mini Session

A mini session is a session that is set in a specific place at a specific time and is for a short period, usually only about 10-20 minutes, but the offer varies.

The shoots tend to have a theme, like fall, Halloween, snow, fairies, super heroes or tulips. There is often a set backdrop and sometimes the mini sessions are themed for children only, or just mothers and kids, or the whole family for the holiday cards.

The themes and dates are created by me and are predetermined. Because they are so short there is no time for a wardrobe changes and there tend to be fewer background/location changes.

Mini sessions are great for getting photos for your holiday cards and gifts for the grandparents. It is a quick way to get your photos done and get a really great image that reminds you of that year with your family.

Full Sessions

A full session is a custom session where I come out to your location of choice for  an one hour, sometimes more, on the time and date of your choice and photograph you and your family and/or pets.

We can go to the park, hang out at your house, take the dog for a walk, or even visit several nearby locations.

There is time for outfit changes and fun things like playing with the dog, your kids showing off how high they can jump, and running through the sprinkler.

A full session gives you time and lets you relax a little more. There is time for bathroom breaks, and capturing more of the silly little details of life.

Since full sessions are not on predetermined dates or times, we can find a date and time that works best for you and your family. That way you can work it more easily around nap time, meal time, etc. for optimally happy kiddos.


Regarding Pricing

I try to make my pricing as fair as possible. So my full sessions always have options so that you can buy just a few images, more images, or all of the images. There are also products available along the way. Since we spend quite a bit of time together in order to capture all of the best moments, angles, outfits, and locations that we can, the session fee is higher and this is also reflected in the overall pricing. However my full sessions also include more perks and options you can read about on my full sessions page linked below.

Since my mini sessions are shorter and typically have less selection in the gallery the pricing does reflect that. There tend to be only one or two backgrounds and seating options. If you are looking for a 10 or so great images of you family in a themed session this is a great way to do it.

Please note that each mini session has it’s own pricing structure announced at the time of booking. That information will be found on the website page that is directly related to the mini session.

So, which will you choose?

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